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Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis by Amethyst
Join My Experiment - Starts 1/20/14
Erotic Prayer from My Devoted Slave
"Me" Monday!
Amethyst's Dream is Coming True!!


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Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis by Amethyst

Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis ™
What’s a HypnoDomme doing talking about Cell Command Therapy™ ?  Because the more I have gotten to know a lot of you guys, the more you have started asking for mainstream hypnosis in My voice.  And many of you have started asking for help with health issues, or releasing whatever is preventing you from reaching your goals.  This is literally My specialty.  I’m a Certified Specialist in Cell Command Therapy ™ .  Do emotions cause physical conditions?  ABSOLUTELY!  They weaken your body.  When I worked in the clinic, this is the type of session that I would give My clients, and they saw incredible results.  So I would love to tell you all about it.
Cell Command Therapy ™ and Cellular Releasing© was created by Dr. Ed Martin of the PATH Foundation. This approach provides PROFOUND results and far faster than traditional hypnosis methods.  The theory is that all unwanted condition (health, habits, unwanted behaviors, fears etc etc etc) are caused by negative thoughts, emotions, imprints etc.  These negative triggers “eat away at us”, and eventually start causing health problems or bad habits etc. 
Traditional hypnosis and cognitive therapy provide a “coating", but without RELEASING the cause, the unwanted behavior or health issue could come back in time.
The Cellular Releasing© portion of the session involves asking the subconscious mind if certain emotions, experiences, thoughts etc have contributed to the unwanted behavior or health issue.  Then the subconscious mind is commanded to release that negative emotion, experience, thought etc which has been causing or contributing to the unwanted behavior or health issue.  This is a very through process, going over many different possible causes without causing emotional trauma.
The Cell Command Therapy™ portion of the session involves command the cells to the various systems of the body to begin the healing process.
I have worked with pretty much everything you can think of
  • Heath Issues such as:  Cancer, tumors, asthma, kidney issues, colon issues, chronic pain, broken bones just to name a few
  • War veteran PTSD
  • Spiritual issues
  • Relationship issues (effects of childhood bullying, marital, sexual abuse, parental, sibling, etc)
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking
  • Fears
  • Creativity enhancement
  • Addictions including crack cocaine & alcoholism
  • Nail biting
  • Laziness
  • I could go on and on….
In every case, the client saw dramatic improvement.  My favorite memories are when I worked on someone for health, and the clients’ doctor was completely amazed and unable to explain the sudden and dramatic improvement to their patients’ heath.  I started getting referrals from doctors and psychologists.
I’m going to be releasing a General Cell Release session soon. In the recording, you will mentally declare in your mind which topic you want to release.  Example:  I want to release kidney stones…. I want to release my fear of (____), I want to release migraines…. I want to release the reasons for pre-mature ejaculation…. I want to release the reasons for impotence…. Etc.
Or you can work on achieving a goal.  In this case, you will state your goal in this way:  I want to release the blocks to prosperity…. I want to release the blocks to creativity…. I want to release the blocks preventing me from entering deep hypnosis.
You can literally use this recording for anything.
In the recording, I will go through all the questions that I normally would in a typical office session. Just let the information come to you, whether it makes sense or not.  It probably WONT make sense.  In nearly every session I’ve ever done, just about everyone has reported that the information didn’t make sense, but the yup seeing amazing results.  So don't worry if this happens to you – it probably will, and it’s totally normal.  If nothing comes to mind, you’ll receive the command to release that item, so it can still be very effective.  I’ve had clients where nothing came to mind, but I gave them the commands anyway, and they ended up seeing fantastic results. 
If you’re interested in this session and have questions, feel free to message Me anytime! I can’t wait to hear about your amazing results!  xoxo

Join My Experiment - Starts 1/20/14

I wonder if minoring in Biology has influenced Me?  I love experiments, and I yearn to learn more about uncharted or mysterious territory.  The mind and it’s capabilities have been an interest of Mine since the age of 13.  I was constantly reading books about “ESP”, psychic phenomenon, dreams etc.  As I matured, that interest turned into hypnosis, past life regression, ethereal exploration, and topics similar in nature.
When I was in hypnosis school, I remember learning about subliminal messages and how effective they are in marketing, as well as self-improvement.  An example that was given to our class, has piqued My curiosity on the subject since 1999.  We were told about a major department store, in just about every mall in the US, who used subliminal messages in their overhead music to reduce theft.  The amazing thing is THAT IT WORKED!!  The amount of theft decreased significantly after they started using the subliminal messages in their music.
The “Lab Geek” in Me wants to try this out for Myself.  What if I take a group of people, have them listen to a subliminal recording for 30 days, using a neutral, positive, yet secret topic, and chart the results?  So I’ve decided to do it.  Care to join Me?
This is how it will work:
  • Take My Pre Subliminal Experiment survey by using this link:  (you may need to copy/paste)
  • I will provide a subliminal recording to you for FREE – the topic will be neutral, positive, and something that ANYONE and everyone could benefit from.  I will word the script in a positive way.  (Avoiding words like “not” etc – only positive outcome words will be used). 
  • Anyone can join the fun – submissives, Hypnodommes etc. 
  • It is required that you listen to this recording every day for 30 days in order join the experiment. 
  • During the 30 days, pay attention to any improvements in ANY area of your life or day.  Take a mental note…. Or even better, write them down as you notice them, and share that information with Me.
  • At the end of the 30 days, I will provide another questionnaire to see what changes you have noticed. 
  • After you have completed the final survey, I will give you the script to the subliminal recording.
  • Experiment Begins Monday, January 20, 2014!  Make sure you complete the survey by Sunday, January 19th to join in on the fun!  The subliminal recording will be e-mailed to each participant on January 19th.  Late entries will not be accepted.
Ok… maybe this isn’t a true scientific experiment with a control group etc… but I think it will be a lot of fun, and I’m curious to see what happens.  At the end of the experiment, I will post the results.

Erotic Prayer from My Devoted Slave

This morning, I woke up to MANY tributes of all different shapes and sizes.  (devotions, gifts, money... etc)  One of them really touched Me and I wanted to share.  Below, you will find an erotic prayer, written by one of My most devoted slaves.  he is SUCH a good boy!
The inspiration behind this erotic prayer was Obedient Slave:
Thank You for allowing me to serve You! Thank You for allowing me to be Your slave & good boy! i would be lost without You! i love You Goddess!
i submit to You, You drive me to masturbate. i am eager to be collared by You & having You in complete control over me. i beg to be Your completely mindfucked playtoy.
i hand over my submissive open mind to You. 
i love serving You. Thank You for allowing me to serve You & in the process to be more mindfucked into submission to You. 

i am so very proud to be Owned by You!!! i love, serve, worship & adore You, Goddess!!! i am hungry for Your next command!
i wish You a fantastic Dominant Day!

Love and kisses to YOU. xxoxoooxoxooxxo i love You, Goddess!

humbly, YOUR submissive servant and Your favorite plaything and sweetheart and honey and YOUR beloved and Your most treasured, Your website slave, Your little mind-whore, Your good little sexy mindfucked slave, Your good boy, YOUR totally mindfucked plaything and above all Your friend, i just worship You!

"Me" Monday!

The time is here! 
Effective Nov 11th, 2013, I declare each Monday as "Me" Monday!
On "Me" Monday, I will turn My phone off and spend the entire day pampering Myself with all or some of the following:
  • Getting My Nails done ($50)
  • Pedicure ($50)
  • Massage ($50)
  • Nice lunch ($50)
  • Bikini or Leg wax ($100)
  • Facial ($75)
  • Hair Cut ($50)
  • Hair Color / Highlights ($150)
  • Pamper Myself in a NYC salon - travel & Metrocard ($100)
I would LOVE some sponsors!  Each time that you send Me a "Me Monday" tribute, it will fill you with a thrilling delight knowing that you are the reason I'm pampering Myself on that Monday.  My toes will be pretty because of you.... My legs will be so soft and smooth because of you.  My face will glow and My body will be relaxed because of you. 
And most thrilling of all...... I will think about your kindness as I'm pampered.  And if someone asks who is treating Me today, I will respond "Mmmmm a very generous (man/woman)".  Would you love to be the person I'm referring to?  Mmmmmm of course you would!
Click here to choose the level of sponsorship which best suits you:
Make sure you come back Monday after Monday to be My star sponsor.
Lot of Affection

Amethyst's Dream is Coming True!!

I am VERY excited to announce that My dream is coming true!!! 
I am planning to resign from My 9-5 job in early October, and should be completely FREE to be a full time Hypnodomme by mid-October!!!!
This will free Me up to be able to add NiteFlirt Hypnosis calls, and to provide far more topics.  I am going to LOVE having more available time!!!  I will also be able to open back up for Custom orders!!!
The day that I resign, I will celebrate with My customers by offering something special - not sure what I'll do yet... but keep an eye out for an announcement.
Much love to you all... thank you for all of your support!!
Kisses to you